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Alopecia Areata in Women

Alopecia areata is a common condition that does not discriminate. It can occur at any age, and affects males and females equally. Women with alopecia areata are immediately confronted with the drastic change in their appearance, and the implications of this on how they view themselves and how society views them. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has many programs that were created to ease the burden of all patients with alopecia areata, including women.


In some people, the nails develop stippling that looks as if a pin had made rows of tiny dents. In a few, the nails are severely distorted. However, other than the hair and occasionally the nails, no other part of the body is affected.


Alopecia areata is considered a skin disease because of its location on the largest organ of the body. Fortunately, unlike the majority of other skin diseases, the primary symptoms of the disease don't include rashes, hives or itching. However, the exposed skin needs to be cared for just the same.
In alopecia areata, the body is without hair in many, if not all, locations. It is therefore essential that individuals with alopecia areata are committed to daily application of both lotion to prevent unneccesary drying and a high spf sunscreen to prevent exposure to unhealthy rays.
Use of hats and accessories are other great ways to protect the head, ears and face from unwanted exposure. Please visit the NAAF marketplace for more ideas on how to keep your skin protected.